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When choosing the right Search Engine Optomization specialist for your business or website, I understand it can be a difficult and daunting decision. SEO can seem very overwhelming at times with all the big fancy facts and sometimes nasty figures. When this happens all you need is a little reassurance, something that can't always be offered by big agencies simply because there is to many people working on 1 project to take the time to sit and talk things over with you. With a freelance SEO that's where it's all different. My name is Samuel and I do SEO day in and day out. I work closely 1 to 1 with all my clients and there is no miss-communication between any projects that could cause your site to have errors and lose rankings because all work is done and organised by Me and Me ONLY! Below I have uploaded some screenshots of recent projects i have undertaken for clients, along with some video testimonials this will allow you to get an idea of my skills when it comes down to SEO. Be sure to also fill in the 'Free Website SEO Auditor' to see your websites current SEO score for a particular keyword.

Samuel SEO – Ranking 1

Samuel SEO - Ranking 1

Samuel SEO – Ranking 2

Samuel SEO - Ranking 2

Samuel SEO – Ranking 3

Samuel SEO - Ranking 3

Samuel SEO – Ranking 4

Samuel SEO - Ranking 4

About Me

Hello, Welcome to my website! My name is Samuel and I am a locally based SEO Specialist.
Getting More Visitors To Your Website... Search Engine Optimization Is Everything.

Why am I any different to the rest? Simply because I am a freelance SEO specialist.... This means no pain in the... 'neck' agencies to deal with! Hiring a freelance SEO has many more benefits than dealing with big fancy agencies because not only is it easier on your wallet! But it also allows for easier communication, easier understanding, easier to keep you up-to-date, the list goes on.... It's just easier all round. Since starting my career as a freelance SEO specialist I have covered all areas of internet marketing. This includes areas such as website design, SEO campaigns, pay-per-click campaigns, software development, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, digital consultancy and so much more. My list of skills when it comes to internet marketing is endless and this has allowed me to earn my reputation as the successful SEO that i am today. I have ranked litterally hundred of websites to date and your's could be next. Call me free today for a quick chat: 0800 808 5201

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